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Member’s Meeting

Member's Meetings are a time for our church congregation to come together to celebrate and review what God has been doing at our church. As a church with congregational polity Member Meetings is a vital part of church life. August, 21st at 6 PM

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Order of Service and Special Announcements
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Summer Seminars

This Summer we're offering several "Summer Seminars." These are short summer series seminars on a variety of topics and life stages. They are an opportunity for you to take a step in growth, develop ministry skills, and connect with others.

This Summer's Options include:

  • Marriage: What did you Expect? Based on the book and video seminar by Paul David Tripp--Somehow, someway, every marriage becomes a struggle. Let's learn to redeem the Realities of Marriage. Open to any married or soon-to-be-married couples. ~ Group Leaders/facilitators Jayson & Jamie Byrd
  • Witnessing 101: How to share the Gospel with someone. Learn the basics of personal evangelism. Hear stories of soul-winning opportunities. Led by Charles Pascale & Jim Mercadante 
  • Ladies Class: Ladies Bible Study - Using Lifeway Bible Study Curriculum - Led by Ruth Homer, Nancy Craven, & Jane Sear 
  • Baptism & Church Membership - Learn the information, expectations, and assimilation of what "Meaningful Membership" at LCC looks like. This is not a commitment to join LCC but an opportunity to learn more. It's also an opportunity to learn about the Biblical basis of Believer's Baptism. ~ Taught by George Myers 
  • Youth Class (7-12th Grades) Summer Youth Class - Taught by Lon Murray 
  • Children's Classes - Regular Sunday School classes

Signup for one at the Church Center at this link.

Seminar Dates are:

  • June 12
  • June 19
  • June 26
  • July 10
  • July 17
  • July 24
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Redemptive Relationships

A few times this summer we're taking a break from our Summer Sunday School Classes/Seminars to encourage everyone to take steps in building a "Redemptive Relationship."

What are Redemptive Relationships?

Redemptive relationships are a time set aside for us as a church to be intentional and deliberate in a relationship with redemptive intentions.

We're encouraging everyone in the LCC family to make time for:

  • Building a relationship with a friend or neighbor for the purpose of having a Gospel conversation


  • Getting to know someone at the church that's not a normal part of your "bubble" to grow in Christian fellowship.

Ideas/Options to consider:

  • Go to lunch/brunch (or invite someone over) with someone you don't know.
  • Invite a family to meet your family at the boardwalk or beach in the afternoon or evening.

Conversations Starters:

  • How long have you been coming to LCC?
  • When did you become a Christian?
  • What's something we can pray with you about?

May God use these relationships to foster Gospel Conversations and Gospel Fellowship for His Glory!

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Easter at LCC

Did Jesus rise from the dead? What are the implications of his resurrection to your life?

These are two of the most important questions you will ever answer. We're not a perfect place, with perfect people, but we can point you to the truth that answers these questions.

This year, you're invited to start a new Easter tradition and join us at Linwood Community Church. We will have special services that focus on the true meaning of Easter from the primary source, the Bible. There will be something for the whole family.

Resurrection Sunday activities include:

6:30 AM Sunrise Service at the Seaview Dock

8:45 AM Breakfast (All invited)

10:00 AM Worship Service 

Other Services:

Palm Sunday Choir Cantata April 10th at 10:45

Good Friday Service April 15th at 6:00 PM

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2022 Ministry Leaders & Committees

Ministry Leaders

Grief Share

  • Barbara Heinold
  • Jennifer McClun-Waggoner

Music Coordinator (Worship Team & Choir

  • Jamie Byrd


  • Beth Hasson
  • Betty Helfrich
  • Jane Sear

Youth Group

  • Pastor George Myers
  • Michael & Linda Sommers
  • Melissa King
  • Dave & Patty Hanson

Olympians Club

  • Pastor George Myers

Safety Team

  • Ken Kisby

Video Team

  • Richard Lamkin


Beverly Adkisson

Linda Berry

Andrise Alexis

Ruth Homer

Carol Kisby

Jennifer McClun-Waggoner

Jane Sear

Denise Stringer


Building & Grounds Committee (Trustees)

  • Mark Hoch - Chairman
  • Jack Berry - Vice Chairman
  • Matt VanSant - Secretary
  • Daniel Mercadante
  • Nelson Maldonado
  • Kevin Kleitches
  • Greg Stringer

Missions Committee

  • Barbara Heinold -
  • Ruth Homer
  • Lloyd Jones
  • Paul Alexis
  • Kevin Kleitches
  • Paul Vogel

Budget/Finance Committee

  • Richard Lamkin
  • Mike Sommers
  • Stephanie Del Biondo
  • Mark Hoch
  • Sue Lamkin

Other Officers

Church Clerk - Lloyd Jones

Church Treasurer - Michael Sommers

Assistant Treasurer / Financial Secretary - Susan Lamkin

Missionary Treasurer - Paul Vogel

Finance Committee - Member at Large - Stephanie Del Biondo

Financial Associates:

  • Adam King
  • Lloyd Jones
  • Chick Kisby
  • Sandy Hoch
  • Terry Vogel
  • Robbie Schlundt
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Sanctity of Life Sunday

Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday so this morning I preached a Pro-Life message titled "The Imago Dei Matters" that addressed not only abortion, but also racism, euthanasia, a Biblical view of disability, and more.

It was an exciting day! I make no apology for deliberately being a Pro-Life pastor. Our Church started its annual baby bottle drive for the Hope Pregnancy Center in Ocean City.

As a follow-up to the message and as a way to recommend some good resources to reflect on today, here are some sources I would like to commend to you.



I love the text in this stanza of Immortal Invisible, it was a joy to affirm it as a congregation this morning.

To all, life Thou givest, 

to both great and small; 

In all life Thou livest, 

the true life of all; 

We blossom and flourish

as leaves on the tree,

And wither and perish--

but naught changeth Thee.

If you're struggling because you've aborted a child, there is hope and healing. If you think you're pregnant and are considering aborting the child, there are options.

Pro-Life Resources

Here are some good resources on the issue of abortion that I would commend to you.

Top Recommendation - Randy Alcorn's book has become a classic and go-to book in this area.

Alcorn, Randy. Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments Expanded & Updated. Expanded. Multnomah Books, 2000

———. Why Pro-Life?: Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers. Multnomah Books, 2004. While this book is out-of-print it is still available at Eternal Perspective Ministries. You can also get a free pdf of the entire book here.

Feinberg, John S., and Paul D. Feinberg.Ethics for a Brave New World, Second Edition. 2nd ed. Crossway Books, 2010.

Klusendorf, Scott. The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture. Crossway Books, 2009.

Masse, Sydna. Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion. New. David C. Cook, 2009.

McCorvey, Norma, and Gary Thomas. Won by Love: Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe of Roe V. Wade, Speaks Out for the Unborn As She Shares Her New Conviction for Life. Thomas Nelson Inc, 1998. Jamie and I read this book together several years ago, it is a very transparent and eye-opening book of Norma’s experience as being “Jane Roe.” It chronicles her conversion and introduces her Roe no More Ministry.

Powlison, David. Healing after Abortion. 1st ed. New Growth Press, 2008

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Stewardship Seminar Invitation

Beloved LCC Family & Friends,

One area of discipleship that cuts to our hearts is in the area of finances. Many times in scriptures the connection between our heart and our money is highlighted, especially by our Lord.

Individuals and families struggle with financial decisions. Questions related to credit cards, co-signing a loan for a family member, basic saving, investing and Social Security can become overwhelming. As Believers, we are taught to become a “Wise Steward” for the sake of our testimony and to protect our family. We only have to look as far as God’s Word to find the wisdom to answer many of these questions.

Our church has partnered with Life Institute to conduct a Stewardship Lifestyle Seminar to provide us with useful applications for Biblical Stewardship. I personally encourage you to attend these sessions that we are hosting on Sunday, November 14th through Tuesday,

November 16.

For more information about the session times, please see the Seminar Schedule in the Welcome Center.

  The Stewardship Lifestyle Seminar will offer teaching sessions that cover Biblical principles and practical applications including:

  • What is the difference between a secular and a Biblical worldview of money?
  • How can we train the next generation to understand and become better stewards?
  • How can I establish a budget that works?
  • How can I accelerate a way to get out of debt?
  • When should I start saving and investing?
  • When can I afford to retire and how much will I need?
  • What is a “Christian’s Will”?
  • How can I lay up treasures in heaven and invest in the Kingdom of God?

Whether you are just starting out or you are well experienced in your understanding of financial stewardship, this Biblical overview of stewardship will benefit you greatly. I would also like to encourage you to invite your friends and relatives who do not attend our church. This is a tremendous witness for us as Christians to show non-believers that there is relevance in the Scriptures and the ministries we provide.

Grace to you,

Jayson Byrd

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Service Slides

These "Bulletins" are the slides on the screens during the service. These are available for those who may want to look back at the songs and sermon notes or anyone who has trouble seeing the slides on the screen for you to look at on your own device or look back at after the service. We hope this is helpful. Love God -Love People!

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