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Leadership Structure

We believe that the ministry is a team sport for all the saints rather than something that only “clergy” does (Eph. 4:10-12). We are all servants working together. LCC governing structure is elder-led congregationalism; a congregational polity that is is led by pastors who are assisted by deacons. Additionally, many of our functions and ministries are facilitated through committees and ministry teams.

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Pastoral Team

Lead Pastor

Jayson Byrd serves and functions as the lead pastor-teacher at LCC. His desire is for the teaching and preaching at LCC to be marked by a commitment to the sufficiency of the scriptures and to progressive sanctification. As a theological conservative he is committed to a God-centered and Gospel-driven expression of biblical Christianity. By God's grace, his goal is simply to teach the truth and love people.

Academically Jayson holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Bible & Pastoral Studies and was ordained to the Gospel ministry by Hampton Park Baptist Church, in Greenville, SC.

Jayson is married to his best friend Jamie. Together they love serving as a team, especially in their first ministry, which is raising their three children, Karrigan, Draper, and Maddilyn. Jamie is a native "Jersey Girl" and among other things is involved in the music ministry at LCC. They love South Jersey and the calling God has on them here.

Associate Pastor for Youth and Administration

George Myers serves as a staff pastor/elder and focuses on the areas of youth and student ministries as well as administration. He began serving at LCC in September 2021 and before that has many years of experience as a pastor of student ministries, assistant pastor, and as an executive assistant. He is passionate about relationship building, youth, and discipleship in a biblically healthy church.

George has a couple of theological degrees, his last one being a master's degree in Pastoral Studies. He is married to Melissa who teaches at a local school and serves at LCC. Together their primary discipleship role is with their two boys, Carson and Wesley. George was born in Georgia, but spent many years in the Midwest before coming to South Jersey (a place he spent many summers and holidays visiting his grandparents). He sadly roots for Atlanta sports teams, but he's encouraging his sons to choose a better path.

Other Pastors/Elders

In God’s providence, we hope to have other pastors (elders) to shepherd the flock. We are committed to a plurality of leadership and a team-based model of ministry.

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Deacon Fellowship: A team of servant leaders

We believe that deacons exist in the local church to preserve the role of the pastors/elder and ensure that physical needs do not go unmet. We see the New Testament role of deacons begins with benevolence needs (Acts 6) and ends with any other roles that assist the pastor(s) in the ministry. Our deacons serve for 3-year terms.

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Paul Alexis

Jerry Craven

Glenn Gabrielle

Lloyd Jones

David Hanson

Chick Kisby

Richard Lamkin

Lon Murray


Beverly Adkisson

Andrise Alexis

Nancy Craven

Ruth Homer

Carol Kisby

Jennifer McClun-Waggoner

Rosa Ruiz

Jane Sear

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Support Staff

Administrative Assitant/ Office Manager - Miss. Maria Mercadante

Custodial/ Sexton - Mr. Nelson Maldonado

Cleaning/Custodial - Miss Olivia Sommers

Music Coordinator - Mrs. Jamie Byrd

Summer Office Assistant/ Graphic Designer - Michael V. Mercadante

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Building & Grounds Committee (Trustees)

  • Ken Kisby - Chairman
  • Jack Berry - Vice Chairman
  • Matt VanSant - Secretary
  • Daniel Mercadante
  • Nelson Maldonado
  • Kevin Kleitches
  • Greg Stringer

Missions Committee

  • Barbara Heinold - Chairwoman
  • Marge Gabrielle - Vice Chairwoman
  • Ruth Homer - Secretary
  • Lloyd Jones
  • Paul Alexis
  • Kevin Kleitches
  • Fred Poley
  • Paul Vogel - Treasurer

Fellowship Committee

  • Sue Lamkin
  • Patty Hanson
  • Carol Kisby
  • Evan Prosser

Budget/Finance Committee

  • Richard Lamkin
  • Mike Sommers
  • Stephanie Del Biondo
  • Jerry Craven
  • Mark Hoch
  • Sue Lamkin
Ministry / Team Leaders

Grief Share

  • Barbara Heinold
  • Jennifer McClun-Waggoner

Music Coordinator (Worship Team & Choir

  • Jamie Byrd


  • Beth Hasson
  • Betty Helfrich
  • Jane Sear

Youth Group

  • Pastor George Myers
  • Michael & Linda Sommers
  • Melissa King
  • Dave & Patty Hanson

Olympians Club

  • Pastor George Myers

Safety Team

  • Ken Kisby

Video Team

  • Richard Lamkin
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Other Officers

Sunday School Superintendent - Patty Hanson

Church Clerk - Lloyd Jones

Church Treasurer - Michael Sommers

Assistant Treasurer / Financial Secretary - Susan Lamkin

Missionary Treasurer - Paul Vogel

Finance Committee - Member at Large - Stephanie Del Biondo

Financial Associates:

  • Adam King
  • Lloyd Jones
  • Chick Kisby
  • Sandy Hoch
  • Terry Vogel
  • Robbie Schlundt
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Stated Leadership Team Meetings

Deacons - 1st Thursday of each month.

Deaconesses - 1st Thursday of each month.

Trustees - 1st Thursday of each month

Mission Committee - Third Thursdays of each month

Finance/Budget Committee - TBD

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