March 22, 2022 Linwood Community Church

Easter at LCC

Easter at LCC

You're invited!

Did Jesus rise from the dead? What are the implications of his resurrection to your life?

These are two of the most important questions you will ever answer. We're not a perfect place, with perfect people, but we can point you to the truth that answers these questions.

This year, you're invited to start a new Easter tradition and join us at Linwood Community Church. We will have special services that focus on the true meaning of Easter from the primary source, the Bible. There will be something for the whole family.

Resurrection Sunday activities include:

6:30 AM Sunrise Service at the Seaview Dock

8:45 AM Breakfast (All invited)

10:00 AM Worship Service 

Other Services:

Palm Sunday Choir Cantata April 10th at 10:45

Good Friday Service April 15th at 6:00 PM